2016 was the year I got myself a Cineworld Unlimited Card, and it’s been such a great decision. Thanks to this card, I’ve been to the cinema countless times this year. Therefore, I thought I’d give you a run down of some of my film highlights for 2016.

  1. Finding Dory – Anyone that knows me, knew just how excited I was for this film. Finding Nemo was a film of my Disney (Pixar) era, and Dory has always been one of my favourite characters. The title is somewhat self-explanatory, as we go on a mission to learn more about where Dory came from and who her family is. While on that journey, this film subtly touches on some important issues like short term memory loss and other mental health issues, while still having all the classic moments from some of the best characters. I am unashamed to say I went to see it three times even! I simply loved it; it made me laugh and cry, and it will now be up there as one of my favourite Disney films.
  2. Moana – Three cheers for Moana! She’s next in line of the Disney Princess ensemble, and what a wonderful addition she is. I have been spreading my love for this film everywhere! While there are a lot of classic Disney elements hidden in there, it still feels really new and exciting with wonderful characters. As for the music, it could be up there as one of the best Disney scores. I simply adore it!
  3. Bridget Jones’s Diary – How can you not love Bridget? Despite initial uncertainty of whether it would work, I thought this third instalment worked perfectly, it felt like a very natural continuation and I think audiences found it exciting to revisit the life of Ms Jones. This film is simply pure fun, and filled with plenty of laughs, what’s not to like?
  4. Ghostbusters – It was a film that divided opinion, but I loved it. I may not know the original, but after this I don’t really think it will compare because I personally enjoy seeing kick ass girls on my screen! I think it’s great for the younger generation to see, because not every film needs to have a “damsel in distress”, and this is very quickly becoming more and more popular to have powerful female roles. Also, the cast work really well together, it has a great soundtrack and it’s packed with laughs.
  5. Zootropolis (also known as Zootopia)This feels like the first Disney animal movie in ages (if you exclude minor characters and Pixar) and I wasn’t disappointed. I fell very quickly in love with Judy Hopps and all that she stood for, yay for the Bunny Cops! I think Disney nailed another brilliant voice cast, with a great message and I think this film was really underrated.
  6. Mother’s Day – I think this film holds a message about the importance of our Mothers, and I believe it holds a fair representation of various situations and backgrounds (i.e. in ethnicity and relationships) in a cleverly and well-made ensemble film that is pieced together by a star-studded cast including Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. Not only this, it was the last film from the legend that is Garry Marshall; aka the man behind Pretty Woman and more – I know he was very proud of this film and I think he deserves more credit as he enjoyed nothing more than making happy films, and that’s exactly what this is.
  7. How To Be Single – This film may seem an unusual choice to some, but while it remains under the film bracket of “rom-com” or “chick-flick”, this is a film I found a personal connection with. Despite only being 19, I’ve pretty much always been a single – and there are times when you question things like HOW to be single? Am I really happy being single? This film gave me a chance to realise that it’s okay to be single, because every person is different and it’s your choice in how you want to live and that sometimes, the best moments are when there’s nothing but you.
  8. Me Before You – Based on the book of the same name, this was another one of those heartbreaking but beautiful romance dramas. To those that may not know, the story is about a small town girl, who forms an unlikely bond with a paralysed man, that she’s taking care of. The subject matters that it covered, and the way it was told felt very original and fresh; and I think Sam Claflin and Emilia Clark have a wonderful on-screen chemistry.
  9. The Danish Girl – This just sneaks its way into the list, and I’m a real sucker for dramas inspired by real life events therefore this was a must-see for me. I was completely gripped by the story, it’s both inspiring and heartbreaking as it tells of a man who wants to transition, and is a pioneer for transitioning. Transgender stories are often hard to come by, so it was refreshing to have that insight into what it’s like; especially in a period when it was even more difficult to live with and understand. Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander giving chilling performances. 
  10. Pete’s Dragon – After not really being a fan of the original, I didn’t think i’d enjoy this remake. I ended up being pleasantly surprised, because although many elements of the original Disney flick remained, it actually felt very modern and original. It was much more gripping, creative and enjoyable I feel. I think this got really overlooked.

Other notable mentions: Eddie The Eagle; The Jungle Book; Florence Foster Jenkins; Alice Through The Looking Glass; A Street Cat Named Bob.

I’ve seen a lot of films in 2016 and there’s been very few I’ve watched this year that I haven’t enjoyed, 2016 has been a strong year for film and it was difficult narrowing it down to just 10. That said, there’s SO much more I’m still to catch up on that I missed so hopefully I’ll nab them on DVD at some point or find them on the likes of Netflix or Now TV.

Reviews of these films and other films I have seen this year can be found in the ‘Film & TV’ category of my blog right hereStay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll post the series of What’s Hot in 2017! Finally, as always, don’t forget to give me your comments…