As a continuation from the “Best Of 2016: Film” post, I thought I would highlight some of the films to look out for in 2017…

  1. Beauty & The Beast – When I first heard the news that Disney was creating a live action, I really wasn’t sure on how I felt. Beauty & The Beast is easily one of my favourite films, and Belle has always been my #1 Princess. However upon thinking about it, and once the cast were announced I’ve gradually become more and more accepting of the film; now after the release of the trailer I can’t wait to see what it’s like in full. I think it’s going to be magical, and I’ll probably be found watching it as soon as I can and sobbing in my cinema seat. Released: March. 
  2. La La Land – An original movie musical! Can you hear my screams? I really Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, especially together (see Crazy, Stupid, Love), and this looks like a genuine cinematic masterpiece with a merge of everything I like in films from romance, drama, music and comedy. I cannot wait! Released: January. 
  3. A Dog’s Purpose – As a dog lover and owner, this film seems somewhat heartbreaking. However, at the same time it seems to be filled with optimism. I really love the idea that when the tragedy of our pet passes, they instead get reborn to fill someone else’s life with joy. My only minor issue is that as much as I like him, I can only ever hear Olaf now when I hear Josh Gad’s voice! But I think it will be a really unique, emotional and joyful film. Released: April. 
  4. Table 19 – This is basically a comedy drama about outcasts. I personally enjoy this type of film as it’s a feeling I can relate to – I think we all can imagine ourselves in a situation like that at least once. It has a really interesting ensemble cast too, including Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Merchant. Released: March. 
  5. Gifted – I stumbled across this trailer, and I felt I need to see the full story. The story tells of a single man (Chris Evans) who ends up in a custody battle with his mother over his niece, who is gifted. While on the outside it may seem like just another drama, it definitely seems a sweet one. Released: June. 
  6. Cars 3 – When it was announced, I questioned really? I always felt Cars was never the strongest in the Pixar family. I enjoyed the first, but the second passed me by and when I did catch up it was merely mediocre. However, after this teaser trailer, my heart started to break slightly (as I’m sure it did for many kids or Disney nerds alike) and now I can’t help but feel intrigued. Released: Summer. 
  7. Fifty Shades Darker – Is it awful that I’m actually sort of looking forward to this? I have not read any of the books, nor do I ever intend to. I have seen the first film though, and while it’s definitely not a cinematic masterpiece with plenty of flaws; I can’t help but say I kind of enjoyed it. Why? I can’t help but find it intriguing and brave to explore that world. It may not be the most accurate of representations, but the point is still there. And frankly, it ended rather abruptly so I can’t help but want to know what happens next… Released: Valentine’s Day. 
  8. The Zookeepers Wife – I personally don’t tend to go for war based films very often, however this seems an interesting twist on that genre as it’s based on a true story of a couple of zoo keepers, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the Nazi invasion of WWII. Jessica Chastain arguably isn’t the best at accents, but she has a rich talent. I think this could be a hit. Released: May. 
  9. Coco – Unfortunately, there is not a trailer to share with you as of yet. However, this is Pixar’s next original film. It’s centred around the Day of the Dead, and follows the story of a young boy. Here is where you’ll find all the current info, but it’s scheduled for release in late 2017, so no doubt we’ll gradually find out more information as time goes on!
  10. Wonder – There’s not yet a trailer to share here either, but this film is based on the book of the same name about a young boy born with a facial deformity that’s determined to fit in, as well as make everyone understand he’s just another ordinary kid, and that beauty isn’t skin deep. It’s set to star Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. I think it will be a moving and powerful drama. Sadly there’s not too many details at the moment, but it’s due for a 2017 release.

Please note: the release dates are based on the UK scheduled releases, they may alter for different countries. 

No doubt there’s plenty more too! Let me know your thoughts, what are you excited to see in 2017? Is any of this new to you?

Finally, thank you for checking out this series, it’s been fun… Here’s to 2017!