With Christmas and Boxing Day sales taking place recently, it was inevitable that I would definitely be having my Lush shelf well-stocked, therefore I thought I would give you a look into my haul…

I’ll just note, that some of these I have used and others I haven’t; so it’s a bit of a mix between reviews and a haul post! Either way, I hope you enjoy this little insight.

Bubble Bars:

  • Christmas Penguin – How adorable is this little penguin? It’s been in the Lush seasonal collection for the past few years now, and it’s easy to see why this blue and white bubbly cuteness is so popular! I’ve had it in previous years, so I look forward to trying it again.
  • Magic Wand – This is a Christmas tradition now for me and my sister, and I mentioned it in my November post; this reusable wand lasts around 5 baths and smells very similar to Snow Fairy therefore it’s always a winner!
  • Ruby Red Slipper – You may or may not remember, I tried this recently and sadly it just wasn’t for me. As cute and glam as it looks, I’m not a fan of the typical Christmas scents like cinnamon, and this bubble bar is just a bit overpowering. Therefore I kindly handed it over to my mum to enjoy!
  • Yazu & Coco – Although this is an all-year round product, something about this seems mildly festive as it smells vaguely like a chocolate orange! I’ve had it before, and it’s refreshing and fun.
  • Rose Jam – This pink goodness is just one of my go to products, so it’s nice to have a new one in supply as it’s been a while since I’ve had one of these lovely bubbleroons!

Bath Bombs:

  • Snow Angel – I tried this last year, and I wasn’t overly sold. Therefore this was one of the first few I decided to use, and I’m glad to discover I found it much nicer this time. It’s a cute traditional festive design, that’s almost retro, and it’s a slow melter that gradually reveals deep glittering golden waters, that smells very similar to Honey Bee. I’d recommend this for sure!
  • Butterbear – I’ve spoken about these buttery bears many a time, and I ended up with two, and I’m not complaining at all because these cuties are so simple yet sweet and I prefer them to the standard Butterball! I love how moisturising and affordable these bombs are, they’re perfect for when you need a relaxing soak.
  • Northern Lights – I wrote about this in October’s post, and for me it was a rather mediocre bomb that left me a little disappointed but I’m intrigued to try it again and see if my thoughts remain the same. And if anything, you can’t deny it’s prettiness, that’s for sure!
  • So White – I wrote about this bomb in November’s post, and I was in love with its refreshing crisp Apple scent as well as it’s slow and colourful fizz therefore I couldn’t resist picking one up in the sale!
  • Golden Wonder – I tried this last year, when I nabbed it in the Boxing Day sale and found myself slightly in love; so I did the same again this year. I can’t wait to see if it’s still as good! I would also say it smells a little like Honey Bee. 
  • Luxury Lush Pud – Can you believe I’ve never tried this? It’s quite a retro and slightly cheesy design, which I think is what may have previously deterred me, but seeing as it’s a popular one that’s been around for a while, I thought I should give it a try so I was pleased it was available in the sales.
  • Satsuma – A week before Christmas, I was in London and had to have a quick whizz round the Oxford Street Lush, so I picked up this Oxford Street exclusive bomb. It was very refreshing and of course super citrus scented! Enjoyable bath, but fairly average.
  • Shoot For The Stars – This lovely looking bomb was one I couldn’t ignore! I don’t think I’ve tried it before, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like. This is another that smells a little like Honey Bee to me.
  • Stardust – It doesn’t appear particularly exciting, yet I couldn’t resist nabbing one to try in the sale and will make for a seemingly sweet and simple bath. I actually thought the blue dots were stained from another bath bomb, however I was surprised for it to reveal a pale blue water with glitter and stars! This smells nice too, but is nothing too strong.
  • Autumn Leaf – I tried and blogged about this in a previous post, and I really loved it so I had to nab it again in the sales before it was gone!


  • Rose Jam & Snow Fairy (Shower Gel) – I’m always torn on which of these seasonal shower gels I prefer, so my mum decided to get a mini version of each! Although only the mini editions, they usually last me a while and are convenient for if I travel, plus it’s always fun to alternate depending on your mood!
  • Prince of Darkness (Face Mask) – I’ve mentioned my appreciation for this product before, so I picked one of these pots of black gloop up from Oxford Street, as it’s currently still only available there. This seems to work rather well on my skin, and i’d say it would probably work well on most skin types.
  • Shooting Stars (Soap) – Well, I actually brought this for my mum as a gift. However, we live under the same roof so I get the pleasure of using this fruity glittering purple soap too! I usually get us Baked Alaska, but I felt like getting us all something new.

Here’s a few photos… (There’s a few not photographed, as they have previously been blogged or I haven’t used them yet!) 

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Seeing as I’ve got a stock that will last me a while, I’m not sure when I’ll next do a Lushie post. That may depend on what you want – would you like any more in depth reviews? Or just continue updating you with my hauls in a sneak peak/review style? Let me know, leave your comments! Thanks for reading…