I’ve recently got my hands on a whole new haul of DVDs, as well as trying to keep on top of the latest cinema releases and TV. Therefore I’ve desperately been trying to work through my haul and keep getting myself down to Cineworld so I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’ve watched so far…

Collateral Beauty (2016)

As part of conversation, people would ask me my thoughts on this film, and I would find it difficult to talk about without giving too much away – therefore the same applies here I guess.

What I can say though, is that the story follows a man, Howard (Will Smith), who sadly lost his 6 year old daughter and has since merely watched his world crumble around him. His relationship with his wife ended, and he lost all meaning of his life. That is until he writes to ‘the cosmos’ – in letters to Time, Love and Death, which soon help him regain himself.

It was one of those films that you think you can completely guess what’s going to happen from the trailer, yet it surprises you. It’s a really interesting concept, and it felt very original.

Equally, it’s a brilliant ensemble cast, with a host of big names from Helen Mirren to Kate Winslet. However, Will Smith in particular shines in the lead role, as we probably most associate him in comedic characters; yet this character is complex, vulnerable and emotional.

Overall, I thought it was a very moving film that portrayed how loss can affect people, with it showcasing great messages of acceptance towards love, death and time. Suitable for all the family (12+). Worth a watch for sure! Still showing in select cinemas. ★★★

Goddess (2013):

The premise may sound a little cheesy, but in fact, it’s far from that. In summary, the story tells of a housewife with two tearaway twins, who misses the company of her husband while he’s away at work and makes herself an internet sensation with her “Sink Songs”. She gets offered a great job, but is toying whether she can balance her dreams between being there for her family…

It’s styled like a musical, with plenty of fun, catchy and relatable songs that pop up, though I see it as more of a film with a music theme and inspiration from musicals, as the songs don’t really tell the story. Music films are something I’m personally a fan of anyway and if you are too, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as me. However, if you’re unsure on those type of films, I think it’s enough of a heartwarming, comedic and relatable story to find the appeal.

I think the thing that really seals the deal though is the lovable characters and talented cast. The main character, Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michelle Kelly), is something I think every woman can see a little bit of herself in. I think we’d be lying if we said we didn’t dance or sing while doing chores, and dream similar to her! Also, Laura is from a theatre background and is probably most notable for playing Mary Poppins on Broadway and in the original West End cast therefore she has a natural talent and effortless vocals. Her other half, James Dickens (Ronan Keating) is an equally enjoyable character with great vocals, and he’s known from his days in Boyzone.

Overall, I thought this was a really cheeky and funny, quirky film that was ever-so joyous. I would highly recommend! Out now, available on DVD★★★★

Ballerina (2016):

I was torn whether to bother braving the cinema as this is most likely seen as a “kids” film. However, I decided I really wanted to see it, as the trailer alone moved me and I just love light-hearted animation films.

And I’m pleased I did bother. Why? you may think.

Well for starters it’s a film about a young orphan who dreams of being a ballerina – despite ever really learning. I found that exciting because many children, myself included, probably at some point have the ambition of being a dancer. Except not all of us follow that ‘dream’, me being one of those people – however I’ve always adored the notion of dancing and ballet.

Then, it’s the fact representation matters. Although her look doesn’t relate to me specifically, I love that she’s ginger and has freckles because even now that particular representation is still rarely seen on the big screen.

It’s a really pretty animation too, set in a period before the Eiffel Tower was completed, horse and cart was the mode of transport and France were still working on creating the Statue of Liberty for New York. There’s also a great soundtrack attached, with pop hits from the likes of Sia and Demi Lovato.

Finally, there’s the key message of the message of the fact you can do anything if you work for it and hold passion for it. Overall making a highly enjoyable animation, that’s great for the whole family to enjoy. Still showing in select cinemas.★★★★

Delicious (2016/17):

This is a new TV series from Sky 1, it’s currently airing and we’re up to episode 3 of 4 but I’m hooked. It’s a quirky comedy drama starring Dawn French (Gina), Emilia Fox (Sam) and Iain Glen (Leo) that tells of a man between two wives – his ex and his current, with reoccurring themes of love, infidelity, family, lies and most importantly food. There are many subjects crammed into these four episodes, but it works.

Infact, I’ve been surprised by how many twists have cropped up, although a few have been predictable; most have kept the audience guessing and even now I’m not entirely sure how it will end.

While I was sold on the initial description and teaser, I must admit I personally tuned into this as I’m a fan of Emilia Fox (and I’ve gone to the extra effort to get it – as I don’t have Sky1 unless I stream via NowTV sadly); but I have quickly become hooked. It is set in the picturesque landscape of Cornwall, with a talented and diverse cast of well-known stars to rising talents.

Overall, it’s a great little series that seems to have won audiences over and I sure hope it returns for more. Available now on Now TV, and will be released on DVD soon.★★★★

Also… I’m currently watching Series 4 of Sherlock which is as dramatic and gripping as ever. As is Silent Witness. Both of these are two of my favourite crime dramas, and they are not disappointing me.

Some of the other new films in my collection to catch up on include Secret In Their Eyes, Rock Of Ages, Sing Street and The Stepford Wives; as well as taking a look at the recent additions to Now TV/Netflix and keeping up with the cinema listings.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what my latest watch list has been! If you enjoyed this post – I will try to do more as I watch new things, and I’ll #number each one so they’re easy to find. As always, do leave your comments, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon!