Okay, I lied a little. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it up to London to join the march, and I’ve not heard of anything locally happening. However, I am definitely marching in spirit…

For reasons unknown, many find the word “feminism” is often seen as bad, scary or weird, but it’s not. It’s simply someone who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes. Why is that bad, when it’s simply equality.

Perhaps it’s because admittedly there are many forms of feminism, some get scared by certain forms or don’t really understand the reasons why. Personally, I am more of a subdued one; I’ll sign petitions, spread the word and comment when it matters on things that I deem as the most important issues, but I’m not always outright about it. Though, right now, I want to be.

Today, there are Women’s Marches across the world, and as stated earlier I sadly couldn’t join, but it gave me reason to reflect on why I am marching in spirit:

  • For Suffragettes – These ladies are a huge inspiration to me. They fought and lost lives for the right to vote and have a voice in Politics. I remember playing the role of a Suffragette in a Year 6 school play. At the time it was just a part and it didn’t mean much so I never really gave it much thought, but I look back now with pride at such an exciting part of history to have portrayed. This pride came back to me on the release of the film Suffragette in 2015, I was in awe at realising what those women actually went through. Can you believe there are still many countries fighting for that right to have a voice in Politics?
  • For the women before us – The generations before us that have seen the changes over the years, and suffered in silence.
  • For the women after us – For our future, we still have progression to be made to make it right for them.
  • For our families – Our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, nans, great grandmothers, great nans and beyond. Half of the world is female, let’s stand up.
  • For the ‘minorities’ – For those in poverty, lacking eduction, LGBTQ+ community, POC community, the disabled, etc.; they are not a minority. They matter too and there are still many progressions to be made for them.
  • For our rights and social issues – The gender pay gap, Tampon tax, sexism, sexual harassment and sexualisation, the media industry (i.e. Hollywood, the music industry, photoshop) and many more. There are some of these issues that cross against bother genders, but the point is they not only affect females but they affect us all.
  • For politics – We want to stand up to it and have our voice.
  • For togetherness – To be a part of a movement and making a point to recognise these points. Everyone should be equal, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, etc.

I hope you understand my points, and if you’ve got this far; thank you for reading my words. I hope this encourages you to think about a few things. Together, let’s make a stand for the things we believe in. Hopefully see you again soon…