I adore films that are themed around music and musicals. I’ve seen a few over the last month, so I thought I’d share a quick summary my thoughts…

Sing (2016/17)

I popped along to a preview of this at my local Cineworld, I have to admit I had fairly low expectations as I thought it looked a little silly, however I really enjoyed it.

It’s a sweet story that’s fun for all, as animals of all varieties and talents seek their moment of fame in a new show. There are many instantly recognisable hits, some sneaky subtle adult jokes and it’s really fun, comic, awe-inspiring and heartwarming.

There’s a great voice cast too, so gather the family and go see it! ★★★ Out now. 

Sing Street (2016)

In only a year, this film already has quite a cult following. I’d intended to see it upon its initial release, but it didn’t quite work out that way. However, I finally caught up and I could only agree with all the good things I had heard.

A story that’s set in 1980s Dublin, tells of a young boy who creates a band in order to impress his crush. It’s oozing with plenty of pop songs from the 80s, as well as a few original tracks. They seem to have really done the period justice, because I’m sure majority of kids at some point wanted to be in a band so this is a real shout out to those memories, especially in that era.

The cast is very talented, and I believe there could be some real stars of the future. I also think John Carney is a great director, especially in music style films – he also directed other indie favourites Once and Begin Again. I believe he genuinely adores his culture, music and film-making and I think you can really see that in his projects.

Overall, this is a brilliant indie music themed film that is there to simply bring a little joy. Give this a watch! ★★★Out now, also available on Netflix UK. 

Rock Of Ages (2012)

I’d been keen to see this film for some time, so I was fairly excited to get it on DVD for Christmas. Only to feel slightly disappointed…

While the premise is good, something about this film just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. The story is predominantly about a small town girl who meets a city boy on the Sunset Strip, while trying to purse their Hollywood dreams, and it holds themes of rock and roll, love, sex, friendship and chasing dreams. It holds some great comedy but just isn’t the best of the musical films I’ve seen. However, the music is good and notable favourite songs are “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and “Any Way You Want It”. With a recognisable rock and roll score, it makes a fun jukebox musical for fans of that genre.

There are some great names in the film too, most notably Tom Cruise playing a rock band frontman is quite something – definitely a stray away from his typical roles! A highlight for me though is Catherine Zeta Jones, as I think she’s a brilliant actress and her character is rather amusing.

Overall, not the greatest film I’ve seen, but if you’re interested in comic jukebox rock musicals, it’s a little bit of fun and silliness. I’d be intrigued to know if the stage show is any better. ★★ Out now. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my music film musings of the last month! Let me know, do you enjoy these type of films? What’s your favourite? Give your comments. Hope to see you again soon…