I’ve decided to do something a little different with this blog. As we step into Spring, and the sun begins to shine – you’ll generally find that people’s moods become brighter. Which is wonderful, but it got me thinking. What can we do to make every day brighter, regardless of the weather… and my suggestion is smile more. 

Funnily enough, there’s a guy (roughly the same age as me), that I pass frequently as we head to and from our work (well, I’m assuming it’s work!). We travel in reverse directions, and 9 times out 10 he will make a point of smiling at me.

While at may not sound like anything special, to me it is, and in fact, it makes my day every time. I think part of that is just being noticed. We all have those days where we may not feel confident in how we look, we may have had a really stressful day or just generally don’t feel great – so when someone decides to make a conscious effort to notice you, I think that is something worth treasuring.

Another point is that it restores my faith in the fact that there is still good people out there. Sometimes the news, local/worldwide events or the change in technology where people are fixated on their screen rather than reality, can make everything seem a little doom and gloom. Yet, this simple act is a reminder of good manners and kindness. Especially with this guy in particular being someone of a younger generation, it’s somewhat refreshing to witness. I hope one day we actually get a chance to speak.

And all this got me thinking about how such a small and simple act can be so powerful. We have no idea what that person may be going through – they could have just received some bad news, they could be suffering with mental health issues or they could just be having a really terrible day.

Therefore my challenge to you lovely readers is to take in the life around you, and smile more. It’s not that difficult, just be bold and I’m sure the person (or people!) you choose will appreciate it more than you think.