To my Lushies, I do apologise, as I know I’ve slightly neglected the Lush posts! It’s not been intentional, but life has just run away with me and I haven’t been able to keep up with doing them. However I’ve still been having oodles of Lushness (I mean, like I could ever leave it?). Therefore in a desperate bid to make it up to you, I thought I’d share a recap of my 2017 hauls with you…

As you may remember, in the last Lush post I did (January), I had quite a stock thanks to Christmas gifts and the sale. That truly did last me a month or more. Looking back I think some of my favourites were: So White bath bomb, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb and the Rose Jam & Snow Fairy Shower Gels (which are still going by the way!). Though I loved it all! Here’s some of those that I didn’t get to photograph in the previous blog, that were super pretty:

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Then we got to the Valentine’s Day collectionwhich is probably one of my favourite Lush seasonal collections because everything turns pink and smells like roses! I managed to pick up a couple of things, those being: the returning favourites Unicorn Horn bubble bar (I mean how can you not love it?), Lover Lamp bath bomb (though I’m not sure it was as good as I remember), Rose Bombshell bath bomb (Gosh, I wish this was available all the time. I really enjoy this bomb, as I personally find it incredibly calming and relaxing) 

As for the new stuff, I went for the Love You Lots soap (which is still going, and smells gorgeous – the perfect replacement for my beloved Valentines soap from last year, Roses All The Way) and Two Hearts Beating as One luxury bath melt (A nice slow melter with massaging qualities, but it wasn’t my favourite). 

Here’s a quick glance at that collection:

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Next up was the Mother’s Day & Easter/Spring collections. I also really enjoy these collections, and I like how they overlap. However, I haven’t gone too overboard yet. I’ve tried Baa Bar bubble bar (which was nice and cute, but slightly disappointing as there wasn’t much to it and it was one of the smaller bubble bars), Your Mother Should Know bubble bar (I rather enjoyed this one, and even better that it sounds like an ABBA song!), Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb (Colourful, slow melting and enjoyable!). 

I also recently picked up the classic The Comforter bubble bar, and the exclusive limited edition Buy One Set One Free bath bomb, which was all in aid of campaigning to Free Andy Tsege. I always like to pick up the “good causes” bath bombs, as I affectionately call them, just because I like to know that I’ve done my little bit. (See more about the cause here). 

Finally, as pay-day came in recently, I couldn’t help going slightly overboard in the Lush Kitchen, bagging 7 items. I managed to nab two bubble bar wands; Madame Butterfly and Washing Up Fairy, I just couldn’t resist their cuteness. I think MB is looking to be my preferred. As for bubble bars, I got my hands on Wonder Woohoo and Rose. I have to say, Rose was much smaller than I anticipated but i’m still looking forward to trying it but WW looks to be good fun.  In the way of bath bombs, I went for Honey Lumps and Waving Not Drowning. WND is very punching lavender, though I think it will be perfect on a stressful day but HL really isn’t appealing to me at the moment but I guess I’ll give it a go as sometimes your opinion changes once it hits the water. Finally, I got the Queen of Hearts facial soap, which is a little different for me but I was intrigued to try something different, and after one use I think it has definitely helped cleanse and moisturised my face.

And, here’s a look at those: 

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And that’s all folks! Apologies for the length, but hopefully you feel updated on all of my Lushness! I would love to hear what you guys have been using, so as always do drop a comment below. Hope to see you again soon…