From time to time, I begin to think about what it’s like to be a blogger. It’s a funny little world really isn’t it? We are simply just people typing out our various musings, hoping that someone on the interweb will engage with our words – but without it, us bloggers most likely feel lost.

Therefore, for something a little fun and silly, I thought I would share these truths with you, in the attempt to make you crack a smile, regardless of whether you’re a fellow blogger or simply just someone who has found yourself reading them…

  1. Two words: Writer’s Block – Yep, if you’re a blogger this is word that truly makes you shudder. Whether for a period of time, or even mid-blog. That moment when all inspiration and words just disappear, and you end up wanting to bang your head against your laptop yelling “WHY, THINK BRAIN, THINK!”. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun. 
  2. Overactive mind – Then suddenly, all of the inspiration floods in at once and your hands cannot type fast enough to keep up with all of your thoughts so you just want to yell “MIND, SLOW DOWN, CAN’T. KEEP. UP.” 
  3. Random light bulbs – Suddenly, a light bulb moment happens… but usually at the most awkward times. Can you remember that really good line you thought of on the bus when it comes to trying to write-up that piece? Probably not. But still, fresh ideas are really great (just make sure you jot them down ASAP!). 
  4. Do you take a risk? – Sometimes you think of something that may not necessarily ‘fit’ your general audience or topics that you cover, so you constantly wonder whether you should take that risk. The answer should be yes, because if it’s something you feel you want or need to share then go for it; but ultimately just follow your heart and do what works for you. But don’t be afraid to take risks, and just keep writing. 
  5. What is sleep? – Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure a common theme among bloggers includes “I WILL NOT SLEEP UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED THIS BLOG… wait, since when did it become 1am?”…. and I would like to know why I often suddenly seem to get the urge to write at 11pm please? 
  6. It teaches you a lot – Something blogging has given me is a strange sense of purpose, it means I’m always trying to look at things with an open and creative mind. It’s meant I’ve dared to take risks on films or theatre shows I wouldn’t normally see, due to curiosity. It gives me something to always focus on, and creates challenges. I like to think it’s helped develop my vocabulary, writing skills and a tiny bit of confidence. It’s also lovely to see that there’s such a sense of community among bloggers, and frankly I couldn’t see myself without this little space of mine now. 
  7. Please just read me! – While ultimately we do it for ourselves, and popularity isn’t everything… readership definitely matters! We want to know when people have bothered to read our musings, and love to hear people’s thoughts – even if they may differ from our views. Any little bit of encouragement and reminders that people are interested is always exciting, and always will be. 

There we have it, a few little common thoughts among bloggers (I hope, anyway!)… hopefully this has given you a few little smiles! Do comment below if you can relate, or think of anything I missed!

PS: I know this is a bit of a silly ‘filler’ post, but I just wanted to try something fun and silly. I’m trying to get my proper creative juices flowing again, so hopefully see you again soon!