This is one new show I had been particularly excited for, although predominantly due to the fact my favourite leading lady Dianne Pilkington was starring; but bias aside, something about Whisper House had me highly intrigued…

The story is set in and around an eerie lighthouse that stands on the remote East Coast of America at the height of World War II. It focuses on young Christopher (as played by Stanley Jarvis at this performance), who is sent to live with his Aunt Lily (Dianne Pilkington) and her mysterious Japanese housekeeper, Yasuhiro (Nicholas Goh), after his father’s plane is shot down and his mother is in special care.

However, it isn’t long before he starts to hear strange music seeping through the walls…

For the full review, see here on London Theatre Direct. 

Also I’d like to add in addition to the review : The more I have reflected on this show, the more it has sunk in of how much I enjoyed it, and I find myself desperately craving more. And as much as I love theatre and have several favourite shows, it’s somewhat rare for me to still have something so stuck in my mind and such a craving to go back. Therefore, I’m hoping to squeeze in another visit before it closes, so fingers crossed!

Plus I’d like to note that as I eagerly typed this up the day after, while still slightly dozy after a manic weekend in London, I would like to add that the venue of The Other Palace is simply a wonderful space. I visited once a couple of years ago when it was still St James’ Theatre, but I think the work they’re doing there is great as it’s the perfect space for new writing and shows that dare to be different and this show fits in wonderfully.

Finally, I know have already gushed about her slightly in the review, but Dianne Pilkington truly gave such a stunning performance. I know I’m not alone in my thoughts either, as I’ve spotted a few others agreeing with me in that you couldn’t help but see her as a stand-out. I was also lucky enough to have a quick chat with her both before and after the show, and she’s even more charming in person. (And now I’m very excited to see her being brilliant again in Young Frankenstein later in the year – even if it did burn a hole in my purse slightly!) 

This was an easy ★★★★ (4★) production for me. If you are a theatre fan who loves new musicals that have an edge to them, then please catch this show if you can! It is more than worth the trip. It runs at The Other Palace until 27th May 2017, and more details can be found at

Hope you enjoyed reading this, hopefully see you again soon!