I while back I did a poll on my Twitter to see if there was any interest in a monthly “What’s Hot” type post. Initially it got a big no, but then by the end of the vote it got a majority yes. Despite a slightly mixed opinion, I thought I’d give it a try to see how the reception goes!

In the “Merry Month of May” I’ll give you a little insight in what I’m excited about in the world of Theatre, Film and beyond. As well as a few suggestions of what to look out for (even if I’m not actually seeing them myself). 


  • The New Wolsey Theatre (Ipswich) – This to me is when my local theatre appears to have the most exciting month. I’ve seen a couple of shows in their Spring 17 season and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all, I feel like I’m yet to be wowed. However, in May I’m seeing Waiting For God and Our Man In Havana; both of which I’m very intrigued by and I’m looking forward to seeing and reviewing them. Shortly after, in early June they head straight into their annual PULSE Festival – though I’m not sure whether I can make any shows yet, and I’m gutted I’m going to miss the brilliantly funny Sh!t Theatre. www.wolseytheatre.co.uk
  • The Girls (Phoenix Theatre, London) – I’d been excited about this show from when I first heard about it, in all honesty I’m not sure why. I think I just knew the theme was right up my street in terms of my favourite style of musical, and I liked that I’d seen a couple of cast members in other shows. Due to life getting in the way, terrible train service on weekends and heaps of other shows to catch before closing; I just hadn’t been able to make… well that is until now(ish). I’ll finally be seeing it on the 20th! I’ve heard so many great things, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. www.thegirlsmusical.com
  • West End Bake Off (London) – This has been running for the last two years, and the idea is for some of the biggest West End shows to come together to do a “bake-off” in aid of the charity Acting For Others. I have been interested in going for the past two years, and this year I decided it’s about time I popped along – so I’m really excited to hopefully spot some stars of the shows, and buy and be wowed by some yummy bakes. www.westendbakeoff.com
  • Surrounding Area Local Shows – I’m in the Suffolk corner of East Anglia, so the surrounding areas include Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. My work (GrapevineLIVE) helps me keep on top of all that’s happening in my corner of the world so I thought I’d point out that I’m particularly jealous of the upcoming shows at Cambridge Arts Theatre in May, as I sadly can’t make any. Admittedly most have a touch of ‘star casting’ but I think it’s exciting when it’s UK tours, as those ‘stars’ may not otherwise come here; and the shows sure sound intriguing anyway. If you live in or around East Anglia, do check out Grapevine and if you don’t; why not take a look at your local “What’s On” guides.
  • Other – I’m also hoping to catch Whisper House again in London before it closes on May 27th. There’s a few exciting openings in the West End too like Annie (which I see in June!)


  • A Dog’s Purpose – After the drama it received a few months ago, I did wonder whether to boycott the film in fears there had been animal abuse, but I’m pretty certain it was edited by TMZ to look a certain way for publicity (reference). Therefore, as I’ve been reassured, I will give it a try. It looks like the perfect film for Dog lovers. Released: 5th May. Trailer.
  • Colossal – This is a bit of a stray away from the usual type of films that appeal to me, however it looks clever, funny and different. It’s actually already out in America, and appears to be going down well so I’m excited to see how it fares over here. Released: 19th May. Trailer.
  • Other – In terms of big releases, there’s the newest Alien and Pirates of the Caribbean films this month. Otherwise, I’ll probably just be playing catch up on older films!

Everything Else:

  • Music – I’m a bit out of touch with staying on top of music news these days, but in truth it’s changed a lot. Majority of artists now just drop songs and albums whenever they fancy it. However, I’m hoping we’ll continue getting new music from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. I’m always keeping my ears open for new tunes.
  • Theory Test – I try to keep the fact I’m learning to drive secret, but clearly I’m useless at that. I’m finally taking my theory test, I’m slightly terrified I’m going to flop it but maybe if you can send some good vibes my way I’ll get lucky then I can get excited that it’s a step forward. If not, I guess I better work a bit harder!
  • My Birthday (soon-ish) My birthday is actually in June, but I’m a bit of a diva and like to drag it out for as long as possible so I have lots of plans for June – It feels weird that I’m going to be turning 20 but it’s an exciting thing to look forward to. I have a few family members with Birthday’s in June too, so it’ll be fun doing some planning of presents and such in May.

Highlights of April:

  • In Film/TV, I sadly didn’t get to see much as I had a lot going in life and in theatre land but I did catch Their Finest which I adored and was probably my favourite thing I’ve watched in the last month. I also really enjoyed Table 19 though, and I have been hooked on Line of Duty, which concluded last night. I would definitely recommend the above.
  • In Theatre, if you hadn’t already gathered, Whisper House was my highlight (and hopefully you’ve seen my review on it!). However, I’ve seen a whole host of great shows this month, and if you keep on top of my posts and socials hopefully you’ll have seen my posts.
  • I also got to meet some great people, such as Amanda Abbington (and she’s the loveliest!) while she was touring Abigail’s Party, as well as some of my favourite theatre performers Dianne Pilkington, Mazz Murray and Jo Napthine. As well as just spending time with lovely people. 

However, here’s to May! I’m excited for the things mentioned, and whatever else may crop up along the way… Hope you enjoyed this little trial post! Please do let me know what you think of it? Oh, and do share what you’re looking forward to in May! Hopefully see you again soon…