In my world, there’s very few days that aren’t somewhat stagey because I don’t think a day goes by without me listening to a soundtrack, cast recording or theatre performer.

However, this Saturday was a very stagey one! It began with the West End Bake Off, followed by The Girls matinée and ending with the Whisper House evening show. With lots of meeting people in between!

Starting the day was the West End Bake Off. Now in its third year I believe, this was my first visit to the event and I had so much fun! It’s simply an event in which several West End shows come together to do a “bake-off” in aid of the charity Acting For Others. It begins by watching the judges go round to each table judging the shows on their cakes, by look/design and taste. They then crown the winner to an excited crowd and this years champions were 42nd Street. Then the event is officially declared open!

It’s a little stressful in knowing where to start, especially as it’s so busy but as I was seeing the show in a matter of hours I began with The Girls. I made my way round each stall, carefully trying to calculate where to put my money. I ended up buying from The Girls, Kinky Boots, Mamma Mia!, School Of Rock, Don Juan In Soho and Phantom of the Opera. I think on design Les Mis, Kinky Boots and The Girls were my favourites, but on taste School of Rock had the yummiest cakes!

On my way round, I was lucky enough to meet and chat to some stagey stars including the cast of The Girls, Ben Forster and Jeremy Secomb; all of whom were super lovely. However, I wasn’t so lucky in winning on the tombola, so instead I brought myself a current cast signed Mamma Mia poster!

Overall, it was a really fun event for a great cause, and I may well have to make a return next year. See more:

Next up was my first visit to The Girls. I had intended to see it much closer to its opening, but unfortunately that just didn’t happen, therefore after seeing plenty of hype around it and having just met majority of the cast at the WEBO, I was really excited – and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

To those who don’t know, the story is based on the film ‘Calendar Girls’ which is inspired by the true story of Yorkshire’s own group of ordinary ladies who achieved something extraordinary. Together, these woman of the WI bend the rules and traditions to give us a story worth remembering.

The cast in particular are incredible, I cannot commend them enough for their utter bravery and confidence in what they do on stage! It was so refreshing to see women of all shapes, sizes and age have such freedom; it was truly inspiring. There’s genuinely not a character or cast member I disliked. A special mention should go to those who were on as understudies.

The music is great, and I came home with “Scarborough” stuck in my head – despite seeing another show after it! Therefore, I can’t wait for the cast recording so I can brush up on knowing the words. The set is simple but clever, and the costumes (well, when they wear them!) are enough to make any woman envious (despite to odd exception!).

Overall, it’s a brilliantly British show with heartwarming hilarity with many touching moments muscling in. It’s great for all to enjoy, and gives you a surge of confidence and happiness. A very exciting new musical, that i’d highly recommend. I’ll definitely be trying to make a return visit! ★★★★ For more information or to book visit:

Finally, I paid a second visit to Whisper House which I previously reviewed here. You may question why I go to the same shows more than once, but for me it’s the simple thing of why not? If I enjoyed something, especially if it’s a show with a limited run, why not go back? I happened to nab cheap tickets anyway (though not that it matters really), and I loved the show and the performers involved so I was keen to get another taste before it left London. I think it’s great seeing a show more than once, because although this show didn’t have many alterations (I was kind of hoping to see the other child actor, though it didn’t happen that way) quite often there can be subtle cast changes with going more than once (usually in the bigger shows though). There’s also the fact its live theatre, and anything can happen! In this particular show, there was the unfortunate mishap of one of the cast taking a bit of a tumble, which resulted in some laughter, which was obviously difficult for them, but it helped make it memorable and different! While it’s more of a ‘cult’ show, I’ll be sad to see it go. Catch it in its final week if you can! It must end 27th May: (PS, it was great to chat to my favourite leading lady Dianne Pilkington again!) 

Here’s a few snapshots of the day:

Hope you enjoyed reading about my stagey adventure! Hope to see you on the next post…