It’s been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve done a Lush post, and I can’t help but feel I’m slightly lacking on creative ideas to post about Lush. However, I’ll always be a Lushie and I thought it was about time I gave you an update on some of my favourite products I’ve used over the last few months, and point you in the direction of some of their latest releases.

Recent favourites… 

  • Metamorphosis (Bath Bomb) – This relatively new Kitchen Exclusive, has a deeply dark outer shell and looks like something you’d find in Game Of Thrones but hidden inside is a colourful treat but ultimately after it’s moment of fizzing it still ends in murky-coloured waters. However, it smells really refreshing with hints of black pepper, cinnamon leaf oil and myrrh resinoid. A must-try for Lushies! Rating: 3.5/5. 
  • Yellow Submarine (Bath Bomb) – It’s not hard to guess what this is inspired by, is it? I think this may be one of my favourite bath bombs of recent times, with its fresh citrus scent, fun design, lovely yellow and pink colour combo and it leaves a surprisingly moisturising bath. I would deffo repurchase. Rating: 4/5. 
  • Cheer Up Buttercup (Bath Bomb) – A small and fast-fizzing bomb, that claims to be inspired by the old (and slightly odd) British childhood game that states if you hold a buttercup under your chin and it glows yellow, it means you love butter. Another citrus scented, and fantastically oily and moisturising bomb. Would try again, if I’m in the need for a little oily boost. Rating: 3.5/5. 
  • Other – For my birthday in June, I received a gift set (Sweetest Thing) which featured a baby version of The Comforter, which was just adorable and wonderful. And on the last Lush post I did, way back in early April – I had a few bits from the Lush Kitchen that I used after the post, and I enjoyed them so I thought I’d throw a few images in. The kitchen can be a bit of a gamble if it’s not something you’ve tried before, but I just enjoy the excitement of the exclusivity!

Ones to look out for…

  • Rocket Science (Bath Bomb) – A zesty little slow melting blue rocket, that I look forward to trying soon as it’s currently sitting on my “Lush Shelf” in the bathroom!
  • Bubble Spinner (Reusable Bubble Bar) – I always quite enjoy the reusable bars, as you definitely get a good use out of them, and clever Lush for jumping on the crazy bandwagon! I have one on its way to me in the post.
  • Jelly Bombs – Yes, there’s an entire new product! It sounds crazy but put simply it’s a bath bomb that turns water into jelly! There are 4 designs, each with a different scent and theme. I’ve seen some negative reviews, but I can’t resist the urge to try one so I’ve ordered “Marmalade”. For more information on the range, see here.
  • Jelly Face Masks – I have terrible skin, so any skin product from Lush automatically has me interested. I’m still learning about these, and I think I really need to go check them out in-store but I’m intrigued. There’s about 5 different ones to try, so I’ll have to figure out which would most likely be best for my skin type but I’m always keen to find new products that may help my skin look and feel a little better. Do let me know if you’ve already tried them!

I think there are a few other new products, and there is always the Kitchen Exclusives that are worth checking out but these are the key ones that stood out to me. But before we know it, we’ll be onto the Autumn and Winter range, including the seasonal releases of Halloween and Christmas which are always fun.


This sounds a little doom and gloom, but I’m merely pointing out some changes and products “leaving soon” that I’ve noticed.

A firm favourite product has always been the Love Lettuce Face Mask, however a few months ago I went to restock and was surprised to discover they had temporarily taken it off the shelves to ‘improve it’. A few weeks later, and it returned in time for it to be given to me for my birthday, but I can’t help but feel disappointed by it. My birthday was June 19th (and my mum would have only got it a week before at most) but it had a use by date of July 12th. I don’t know about you guys – but I never get the time to face mask daily, once or twice a week at best and these pots are pretty long-lasting even though it is advised you use fresh. I usually don’t take too much note of the use by dates, but you could definitely tell it was past its best. Therefore I had to waste quite around half of the product, so perhaps the supposed improvements haven’t quite done the wonder they were meant to, and I’m a bit sad about it…

I also happened to be browsing the website and noticed some of my favourite (and what I thought were popular) products, such as Pink Flamingo (reusable bubble bar), Frozen (bath bomb), Yazu & Coco (bubble bar) are leaving soon. Which is a real shame! Though I guess they have to sacrifice some in order to make new products, so I guess we’ll watch this space…

Overall, that’s about all I can update on in terms of Lush! But I hope you beauties enjoyed reading my ones to look out for and my ratings, I may not get the time to post about Lush as often as I’d like but I will always be a Lushie! Hope to see you on the next post, until then, check out the photos…

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