It’s a busy Tuesday night for the New Wolsey, as it’s the press night for their brand new original punk musical, Oxy and the Morons. Which has been skilfully created by Paul Sirett (creator of Reasons to be Cheerful, Mods and Rox), Mike Peters (from The Alarm) and Steve Allan Jones.

The story is one that will feel very familiar to many, in one way or another. Andy (or Oxy as he’s affectionately known) goes for a routine check-up at the doctors, only for it to end with a startling diagnosis of Leukaemia. He decides it’s time to cherish the present, and bring the band back together, cranking up the amps like its 1978. His mission is no easy feat though, as it involves twisting arms, healing wounds and putting his family and friendships back together. Can he make it work?

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