If you’ve found this post and wondering whom Kristin Chenoweth is, then you should go and do some research because you won’t regret it; but for starters she’s a Broadway and American TV actress. A well-known name across the pond in America, but only really known amongst avid theatre fans in the UK.

Back in mid-October, she spent a week in London, and a lot of great things happened in that time. If you’re a fan, you’ll know that her visits here are rare, which made it all the more special, and here’s a little summary for you and a few reasons why it was so wonderful…

  1. A night at the Palladium – This was her main motivation for the visit. For she held an intimate evening of song and chat at the iconic Palladium, of which I was lucky enough to attend. As she graced the stage, she was immediately overwhelmed by the buzz from the audience. She shouted out to many exciting guests in the audience including the likes of Elaine Paige, Rachel Tucker, Andrew Lippa and more. She paid tribute to many songs from previous shows she’s been involved in or have grown up adoring, her albums and those greats from the American Songbook; her voice is still on top form with not a note out-of-place. Of course, she barely completed the first line of Popular before the audience went into a meltdown of cheers and claps. She also did an unforgettable duet with Rachel Tucker on For Good (see next point!). Plus, she invited a choir from the Arts Educational School to join her too – what an experience for them. And sandwiched between all the musical joy, was her brilliantly funny speeches to the audience, which was a great thing to be part of. Chenoweth is one of the greatest showgirls out there, and should she return, I urge you to nab a ticket next time.
  2. A Cheno-Tucker duet – This is technically part of the above point, but it was so special that I felt it needed it’s own piece. Kristin called out to Rachel Tucker in the audience, admitting she’d heard so much about her success as Elphaba in the West End and Broadway, that despite having never even met – she pulled her up on stage for the pair to duet For Good. I think the roof of the Palladium was almost ripped off, and Tucker was utterly awe-struck but as was Chenoweth once she began to sing! It was an incredible moment to witness. Watch the moment back here.
  3. Wildly Wicked – At the concert, Kristin confessed she had never seen Wicked in its entirety. However, two days prior to the concert, on Wednesday evening she finally changed that. If you saw either her own, Wicked’s or any of the current Wicked casts social media you’ll have seen what it meant to all of them. She actually spoke about her experience throughout the evening of the concert, and you could tell she was truly and genuinely in awe of the show, the cast and that it will always be part of her and have a special place in her heart.
  4. Visiting the Theatre Café –  If you know me well or love all things theatre you will probably have heard of The Theatre Café on Shaftsbury Avenue. It’s a small little stagey wonderland, serving great hot drinks and yummy cake – and actual Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth visited it! She held a signing for fans, taking the time to sign posters and merchandise, chatting and posing for photos. Followed by a live Facebook Q&A, in which those who weren’t able to meet her (due to time constraints, and pardon the pun, popularity) got to go inside and watch. I was actually one of the lucky few who got to meet her, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. She was an absolute gem. If you missed the event, you can watch the Q&A back here, or if you visit the café you’ll find she’s left her mark on that famous autographed door…
  5. Chilling with Elaine Paige – Both appear to have a huge love for each other, and they came together to have a special feature on EPOS which was brilliant. If you get in quick, you may be able to listen to what went down here 

And I’m sure there’s plenty more that happened, but it was wonderful. I think fans have been changed for good, and we hope this one short day won’t be the last! Come back soon Kristin…