So, my name is Molly and I blog. In case you didn’t guess already?

Previously in my life, I studied Media for 4 years at GCSE and College level, and I volunteered for Maximum Pop!, alongside various other little jobs.

Currently, I’m working for GrapevineLIVE, volunteering for a local charity called Krissy and Friends, I voluntarily freelance blogs/reviews for London Theatre Direct and am a semi-regular #LDNTheatreBlogger / #theatreblogger.

All of which is a few of the stepping stones in paving my career path, which I hope will one day be somewhere in the media industry. I still have a few avenues I want to explore, but I’m particularly keen on the idea of being an entertainment journalist. “If you can dream it, you can do it”. 

As for this blog, it all began in 2015 on Tumblr. However, that’s now inactive, as I moved it onto here (the reasons being that I wanted to get a better grip of WordPress, push myself in strengthening my writing, gain more creative control in the way I post and for it to hopefully be easier for others to explore and interact).

It began because I wanted to share musings of mine through my blogs and reviews. Most of which will based around media/entertainment (such as film/tv, theatre, music, etc). Though Ill also throw in bits of lifestyle too (like food, beauty, facts, personal stories and my views on a matter of subjects). You still with me, yes? Good.

My interests include: musicals/theatre, film/tv, music, pop culture/celebrities, Disney, animals/nature (ps I’m a vegetarian!), Lush, travelling and important/topical issues (like feminism, environmental and equality).

Finally, I just want to connect with like-minded people, that also share the same passion for any of my interests. And through my posts, I hope that I can inform, inspire and engage you lovely people in some way, shape or form.

So please, join me in this great adventure in the land of blogging!

XO, Molly aka…