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Theatre Review: Our Man In Havana

On a sunny Tuesday evening in Ipswich, after a sad news day, a trip to the theatre for Our Man In Havana at the New Wolsey seemed the perfect way to escape the outside world for two and a half hours.

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A Very Stagey Day!

In my world, there’s very few days that aren’t somewhat stagey because I don’t think a day goes by without me listening to a soundtrack, cast recording or theatre performer.

However, this Saturday was a very stagey one! It began with the West End Bake Off, followed by The Girls matinée and ending with the Whisper House evening show. With lots of meeting people in between!

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Mental Health Awareness Week

This blog is something that has taken me a lot of time and strength to write, and its a huge step out of my comfort zone but what better time to share this than on Mental Health Awareness Week. Yes, Mental Health exists and it’s time to break the stigma as 1 in 4 are said to have mental health issues; and I’m a 1 in those 4.  

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Theatre Review: Waiting For God

Some of you may recall a popular British BBC series of the early 90’s, titled Waiting For God. If you do, you might be pleased to know it has been given a new lease of life as it has been adapted for the stage in its UK tour premiere, which is currently at the New Wolsey theatre, Ipswich. 

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Merry Month of May

I while back I did a poll on my Twitter to see if there was any interest in a monthly “What’s Hot” type post. Initially it got a big no, but then by the end of the vote it got a majority yes. Despite a slightly mixed opinion, I thought I’d give it a try to see how the reception goes!

In the “Merry Month of May” I’ll give you a little insight in what I’m excited about in the world of Theatre, Film and beyond. As well as a few suggestions of what to look out for (even if I’m not actually seeing them myself). 

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Theatre Review: Whisper House

This is one new show I had been particularly excited for, although predominantly due to the fact my favourite leading lady Dianne Pilkington was starring; but bias aside, something about Whisper House had me highly intrigued…

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Theatre Review: Running Wild

Crossing the borders again, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the latest Michael Morpurgo stage adaptation, Running Wild at the Norwich Theatre Royal. Despite not being overly familiar with Murpurgo’s work, I knew that I loved animals and stories based on truth and that I have always quite regretted missing War Horse when it was in London so this seemed the perfect way to make it up.

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The Life of a Blogger…

From time to time, I begin to think about what it’s like to be a blogger. It’s a funny little world really isn’t it? We are simply just people typing out our various musings, hoping that someone on the interweb will engage with our words – but without it, us bloggers most likely feel lost.

Therefore, for something a little fun and silly, I thought I would share these truths with you, in the attempt to make you crack a smile, regardless of whether you’re a fellow blogger or simply just someone who has found yourself reading them…

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Lush Update

To my Lushies, I do apologise, as I know I’ve slightly neglected the Lush posts! It’s not been intentional, but life has just run away with me and I haven’t been able to keep up with doing them. However I’ve still been having oodles of Lushness (I mean, like I could ever leave it?). Therefore in a desperate bid to make it up to you, I thought I’d share a recap of my 2017 hauls with you…

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